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You give us the specification, we find the right candidate!



Together  with   our   partner   Jörg  Herrmann,  we  will  find  the  right  managers  and highly  qualified  specialists  at  all  levels  in  South  East Asia or Europe.

Tailored to  your personal needs, we develop  the optimal search profile together with you.

The focus here  is  on  candidates of all levels  for activities in Europe  as well as in South East Asia. A special focus is on Hospitality, Hospital  and Healthcare, as well as Automotive.

We handle the entire search and  selection  process, both through direct contact and in all classic ways.

The retention rate of our candidates (w/m) in the  first four years is over 95 percent.  Everyone   appreciates this  security - our  clients  as well as our candidates.

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